What to do in Ierapetra, Crete


Enjoy the sea and sand on beaches up and down the coast
Ierapetra is endowed with beautiful, seemingly endless beaches. You’ll rest and recharge your batteries, soaking up the sun while lounging on the golden sand. Anywhere you look, the scenery is exotic. The long, sandy main beach is fully organised with sun loungers and water sports, and a picturesque port, with tavernas, stores and hotels, awaits you as well as a village renowned for the warmth of its locals. It’s also worth exploring the many other small beaches and coves you’ll encounter as well as popular Makri Yialos, just 30km to the east.

Take a boat trip to Crete’s golden isle
Don’t miss the opportunity to catch one of the many boats offering day trips from Ierapetra to the tiny island of Chrissi, just 8 nautical miles into the Libyan Sea. Chrissi (meaning golden in Greek) is an almost entirely flat strip of paradise, with shallow, turquoise-coloured water and powdery pink sand. The captivating scenery is made even more special by the scent of cedar and you’ll have the opportunity to discover some of the 120 species of birds that live or migrate here. If luck is on your side, you could even encounter the famous Caretta caretta sea turtles that often visit the island.

Set your imagination free at Ierapetra’s fortress
Standing at Ierapetra’s fortress, overlooking the old neighbourhoods and gazing out to sea, you’ll let the stories of the Saracen pirates take over your imagination. A point of architectural pride for Ierapetra and its most impressive attraction, the famous Fortress of Kales was built at the beginning of the 14th century and has witnessed its fair share of history – notably the Venetian and Ottoman wars. Well-preserved, it hosts various cultural events, like the Kirvia Cultural Festival every summer.

Start the night with a sunset, then let the fun begin
The nights in Ierapetra are unforgettable. They begin with a walk on the beach or along the waterfront. The tavernas here are famous for their fresh fish, adding even more vitality to an already lively city, where it feels like every sunset marks the beginning of a great celebration.

Source: discovergreece.com