Don’t miss Ierapetra’s highlights

Embark on a memorable tour around Ierapetra to unravel the secrets of Greece’s southernmost city. Leverage your holiday, explore Kakkos Bay Exclusive Beach, and fully immerse yourself in the island of Crete with handpicked experiences guaranteeing lifelong memories.

Ha Gorge

Hike the Gorge of Ha, one of the wildest and the most spectacular gorges on the island of Crete. Located in the west coast of the Thrypti Mountain, the gorge features narrow paths and high walls rising up to 300 meters. It is mainly ideal for experienced climbers looking for thrills. Admire the gorge’s rich flora and immerse yourself in a virgin habitat untouched by humans due to its technical configuration and shape. Take the challenge and enjoy a heavenly destination.

Koutsounari Beach

Lounge in one of Crete’s longest beaches and soak up the Grecian sun while surrounded by lush olive groves and pine trees. Swim and enjoy extended walks on the distinguishing coarse grayish fine pebbled sand. Gaze at the endless blue and the beauty of the Libyan Sea. Find some peace in a relatively quiet environment, even during the peak months. Awarded with a blue flag, the beach is not well organized but offers the basic touristic amenities.

Napoleon’s House

Stroll in Ierapetra’s old quarter to discover Napoleon’s house, one of the area’s typical tourist attractions. The house has been bought by the municipality, and according to legends, Napoleon Bonaparte stayed incognito with a local family in 1798 on his way to Egypt. The building might seem mild as it only boasts a simple, modest facade, but keep in mind that in the 17th century, the possession of such property certainly constituted the owner’s wealth.
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Chrissi Island

Get magnetized by an exotic natural landscape while surrounding yourself with cedar forests, crystal-clear aquamarine waters, and golden sand. Opt for a boat trip to the uninhabited island of Chrissi, which is also known as Gaidouronisi. Reach a designated wildlife refuge offering memorable relaxation moments. Admire the island’s large number of distinguishing shells and immerse yourself in a sense of liberation far from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Venetian Fortress of Kales

Visit the Venetian Fortress of Kales, the 13th-century city trademark that dominates Ierapetra’s old harbor entrance. The name “Kales” originates from the Turkish word “kule,” which means tower. Learn about the castle’s history and purpose and travel back in time to relive the town’s difficulties against the multiple enemies. The castle serves as a remnant of its time with an imposing yet simple stone structure suiting the defense needs.

Minoan Water Tanks

Puzzle yourself with the claims to be Minoan Water Tanks situated a stone throw’s away from the Kakkos Bay Hotel. Hike a smooth rocky hill to reach the tanks while enjoying the surrounding landscapes. Study the city’s prominent role during the Minoan period and admire the carved into the rock square basins. There are multiple theories around the tanks’ purpose and deliberate creation next to the sea. Wonder while gazing at the splendid views.