The Resort

Traditional and high-quality resort in Ierapetra

Kakkos Bay Ierapetra Crete

Learn about the story of Kakkos Bay, a stylish, eco-conscious, family-friendly hotel in the scenic village of Koutsounari, Lasithi. Hop on an unforgettable Crete hotel holiday and experience life to the fullest at a hotel surrounded by imposing mountains, lush olive trees, and azure waters. Feel at home, relax and soak up the famed Cretan hospitality.

The origins of the Crete Hotel creation

The idea of Kakkos Bay Ierapetra Crete resort was born around 1988 when the Kakkos family resided in the current hotel premises. Family has always been a priority for the hotel’s owners, who frequently organized lively gatherings and celebrations in the area. For many years, and before the idea of the hotel came to fruition, brothers, sisters, and cousins of the Kakkos family would all travel to the bay to spend their summer holidays under the sun. The Kakkos family, being a well-known merchant family of the area, saw the bay’s potential right from the start. The small yet exclusive sandy beach, the lush greenery, and the tranquil ambiance would be an ideal setting for a summer full of nature, entertainment, and of course, positive vibes. The family started organizing local fairs with large feasts, which attracted guests from Ierapetra and Heraklion. Such celebrations would soon become a custom that locals from the surrounding areas loved.

The private beach and Kakkos resort’s first version

Meanwhile, due to natural causes, the small bay started expanding slightly, giving way for more people to enjoy a day in privacy with all the amenities a stone’s throw away. The beach started becoming more popular, and as it had no name, people would say that they’re looking for the beach where the Kakkos family lived- thus, it was soon named after the family: “The Kakkos Beach.” That was the time when the Kakkos family saw even greater potential. They decided to customize and offer 9 of their family rooms to people traveling to the area from afar. In addition, they started a small tavern with a business mindset, offering Cretan delicacies and catering to their guests’ needs.

The birth of Kakkos Bay Ierapetra Crete

Both the hotel and the authentic tavern would soon become quite popular amongst the locals. Even people from the capital city Heraklion would travel there to spend their weekends. The Kakkos family considered the guests as family and did their best to provide them with top-quality services and authentic hospitality. Every year the demand was growing, and so was the Kakkos Bay Ierapetra Crete Hotel premises. New rooms were thoughtfully built to accommodate more and more people, while the family created bars and lounging areas to provide the guests with an utmost holiday experience. Over the years, Kakkos became one of the most known resorts in Ierapetra and attracted people from all over the world.

Renovation processes and sustainability

The hotel was fully renovated in 2016, aiming to provide an optimal experience to guests and cater to a broader range of needs. More rooms were added while space versatility was set as a priority. A focus was also set on improving energy efficiency while decreasing the adverse health effects of external noises and supporting visitors’ health and well-being. The hotel is currently implementing a 3-year renovation project striving to offer the best guest services while always respecting nature. Kakkos Bay promotes eco-friendly services and activities to lower the environmental footprint and keep the guests happy in functionally comfortable living spaces.

Opt for an authentic holiday at Kakkos Bay Hotel, Ierapetra, Crete

Book your accommodation in Kakkos Bay and prepare for an authentic Cretan adventure. Find out about the hotel’s accommodation facilities, explore the area further, put your toes in the sand, and stroll around carefree on our exclusive pebbled beach with shallow waters. At Kakkos Bay, we’re looking forward to welcoming you into our family.